So next up on the agenda for today was a quick trip to BBC Radio Sheffield for a pre-recorded interview with Howie Pressman for the drivetime show. 

I had it all in my head what I was going to say – explain to the listeners about bone cancer about the great work Bone Cancer Research Trust are doing to raise awareness, support patients and of course fund research into finding a cure… Simples!

Until he asks me the first question that is!! It totally threw me! And I just wanted to say “errr what?!”  I think I managed to compose myself and not talk a load of rubbish!! I got some important facts out about bone cancer, including how it is often mis-diagnosed, BUT totally forgot to talk about the Amazing work BCRT do!! Sorry guys!! Hopefully Howie will give you guys a plug! 

Another added bonus of a walk into town was some #herdofsheffield spotting!! MUCH MUCH better than that #pokemongo rubbish!!