The fourth and final day of #ASBMR15 started with some really interesting talks in the ‘microenvironment and bone marrow niches’ ‘osteoclasts II’ and the ‘hormonal regulators’ concurrent sessions – yes, annoyingly 3 good ones at the same time!! I was particulary interested in the role of plekhm1 in osteoclast lysosome secretion, how osteocytic JAK/STAT signalling controls corticalization of long bones (great talk by Natalie Sims) and the plethora of talks on Notch signalling.

A MTP session on OA models was sandwiched between the late breaking abstract orals and late breaking posters, with a plemary session on bone health in cancer patients finishing the scientific programme of the meeting.

The social programme continued with a ferry trip over to Bainbridge. A slight detour first to the sample the number 1 doughnut in Western Washington, Top Pot, did not disappoint! Well, at least the first 2 bites didn’t for one of our party- the rest was quickly snatched from her hand by a fast flying seagull ( hope they don’t end up with type2 diabetes!!)  We only have a n of 1, so we can’t comment on whether they truely are the best- but we certainly won’t be fogetting them in a hurry!! 

After a gentle ‘riverside trail’, a nosey in some cute shops and a spot of wine tasting (not for us – obviously!), we had what I think was the best meal of the trip at Docs Grill – really tasty rockfish with jasmine rice, sautéed cabbage, sweet Thai chili citrus sauce with fresh basil and cilantro (coriander to us Brits! 😉). 

A fast walk back to the ferry in the rain (yep it rained!) for a smooth crossing back to a very eerie  Seattle skyline!   

All in all a great #ASBMR15