Not so sleepless in Seattle! #ASBMR15 day 1

So after a VERY long day yesterday that started pretty much in the middle of the night,  I woke up surprisingly refreshed ( which might have something to do with this) for the first day of #ASBMR-the 2015 meeting of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR). After a really interesting plenary session on brown versus beige fat ( yes, colour matters in biology too – and beige is the new brown!) I attended a ‘meet the professor session” on ‘Bone biomechanics and aged related changes’ by  Sandra Shefelbine. This was a good example of a MTP session with good interaction and use of  mobile technology via TopHat! (no good for non-use attendees unfortunately!).

Another example of a new (to me anyway!) technology, called FUCCI and which labels cells at different stages of the cell cycle, was shown in a talk on osteoclast energy metabolism by Ikeda – very cool videos of osteoclasts fusing too!

The lunchtime session saw some interesting talks on osteoarthritis and links to high bone mass, back pain and excercise. As ever, there was  interesting (over?)interpretation of data and a definite over reliance on the use of that all important p-value

The plenary session of the afternoon was on the Bone Marrow micro-environment with lots of new stem cell marker abbreviations to learn, CLEP-11a being one of Sean Morrison’s favourite! This session was finished off with a great talk and the amazing fluorescent images of the vasculature of the skeletal system in bone from Ralf Adams  like these beauties!


Reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: [Nature] Kusumbe, Ramasamy & Adams 2014 Coupling of angiogenesis and osteogenesis by a specific vessel subtype in bone. Nature 507, 323–328 doi:10.1038/nature13145, copyright (2014).

After the ‘networking break’ (AKA coffeee break without the coffee – and in a world center for coffee roasting too!?!) the last scientific session of the day was the quick fire oral poster presentations – I went to the ‘basic’ session. Why they call it basic session I have no idea as there is nothing basic about it! What does basic mean anyway (and I’m not just talking above pH 7!)? Unlike ‘clinical’ or ‘translational’ it is not a particular useful or discriptive term to describe what is often very sophistocated, complex, novel, interesting and important research – unless we flip the urban dictionary definition?!

The final ‘session’ of the day was the Welcome Reception and Plenary Poster session- wine, cheese and science- how sick is that!                   DrG.